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Exploring Arts and Culture

The Road to Becoming an International City of Arts and Culture

Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games

Theater city where the community is one big stage and everyone’s a star

Cultural / International / Spatial

Exploring Arts and Culture


Discussing Arts and Culture

Prominent figures discuss community creation through culture

The latest interviews

Previous celebrity interviews

Creating modern meccas / Transforming weakness into strength

Discussing Arts and Culture


Arts and Culture Special Ambassadors

Cheerleaders Supporting Activities to Attain International City of Arts and Culture Status

Recruiting International Arts and Culture Special Ambassadors!

Somefuku-chan (mascot character)

Message from the mayor

Arts and Culture Special Ambassadors


Enjoying Art and Culture

The Toshima Brand—Pride of the City

Home of the Somei-Yoshino cherry tree

Ikebukuro Montparnasse

Brand gallery

Mecca for manga and animation

Owls galore!

Enjoying Art and Culture



Toshima City arts and culture information updates

  • “Plus 1 day in Ikebukuro”Telling the world about international city of arts and culture Toshima!
  • Tokyo Anime Award Festival 2018

Main photo credits Photos 1–3: Kumi Akasaka Photo 4 (riveted drum): Hideto Maezawa